Hear the Voices of the Nine Million

A sexual assault happens every 99 seconds in the US. That’s over 321,000 survivors. EVERY year.

92-98% of claims are proven true. That means at least 295,000 of them are telling the truth.

Based on those numbers, it means at least 9 MILLION survivors in the last 30 years have been telling the truth. And they are left with nightmares, PTSD, eating disorders, self-harm, depression, lost relationships, lost jobs…. crowds of people saying they shouldn’t be believed, years and years of healing, and thousands of dollars of debt to fund their healing.

Their attackers are either not prosecuted or given plea deals. Nine hundred ninety-four attackers walk FREE because we hold to protect them and don’t fight for the survivors 6 in 1000 rapists convicted).

And a man accused had a bad job interview. Yet. He. Still. Got. The. Job.

Tell me again what the men in your life are in danger of losing if someone accused them of sexual assault?

The presidency? A seat on the highest court in the land?

Hear the voices of the 9 million.

If we were to line the circumference of the Earth (about 43.8 million yards) with football fields and put a survivor on each five-yard line, these nine million survivors would cover the entire circumference of the earth—at fifteen-foot increments. The last few overlapping.

If we were to do the same for the men falsely accused, there would be ONE man for every 5.87 football fields. Or, if we lined them up the same as the survivors at five-yard increments, they would stretch 2,216 miles, basically from sea to shining sea. AND most of them were teenagers caught having sex and their parents did the reporting, later to find out it was consensual. Almost all the rest were easily proven false and no lasting effect befell the man. Only a tiny percentage of these men had more than a bad interview as a result.

Yet the survivors looping the earth are left with utter destruction to rise from.

#BasicMath #BelieveSurvivors #SupportSurvivors #RiseUp #BrokenSystem #KickAtDarkness

Feel free to share. Resources: RAINN.org/statistics

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