Adult Coloring Book for Survivors of Trauma

Rising Up in an Uprising: Adult Coloring Book for Survivors of Trauma by BilliJoy Carson

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A Note from BilliJoy:

Badass warrior survivor, I believe you. You are not alone. Healing truly is a daring adventure. It’s outside the box of what we have known as survivors. The terrain is new. We don’t know what to expect, AND yet, we are not alone. You are surrounded by an army of survivor warriors rising up in an uprising. We are beating the ground so you can hear that we are here. Listen for our roaring on the wind. Feel the shaking in the earth. We are coming. You are not alone.You made it through the abuse, the trauma, the attacks, the violence, and the mind games. You ARE going to make it through the healing too. I wonder what healing you can embrace once you open these pages. May this book invite you into that healing journey, into rest in the journaling, the coloring, the pondering, and the invitation. You are not alone. You are believed. I am holding out my battle-scarred hand in the mud of this journey. Let’s do this thing. Together.

What People Are Saying about Rising Up in an Uprising:

“This book is AMAZING… So glad for you, your healing and this badass book that is going to be encouraging for both the survivor and the ally…” — Candice Tolliver

“Beautiful book! We both absolutely loved it. Such wisdom and rock-solid truth with a gentle lightness and tender fierceness. Brilliant work…” — Keith Johnson

“The imagery is strong…visual and word…it works really well…a good fit for your audience…as a welcome and helpful companion throughout their healing journeys. It is easy to imagine it being used by counselors as well, to augment the revelations and milestones of the survivors they are privileged to accompany on the road.” — Jen Johnson

“OMGooodness…! I cannot wait until it is published and ready to go! …thank you for blazing the trail. Being a Pioneer is not easy…” — Cheryl Narron

“Wow – amazing work! …it spoke to me in many places. Thank you for putting yourself and this beautiful piece out there…” — Lori Ottaviano

“I can’t wait to own it! It is simple and yet profound. Beautiful work. So proud…” — Leesha Willard

BilliJoy Carson (she/her/hers) is a survivor of child sex-trafficking as well as adult rape. Through her journey, she has transformed her pain into passion, fighting for the trauma-informed healing that survivors desperately need to heal.She lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where she is president and founder of Kick at Darkness (, a nonprofit with the belief that no survivor should ever have to pay for their own healing. The nonprofit raises awareness and funds for the trauma-informed healing journeys of survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, sex trafficking, hate crimes, and child abuse. This healing starts with Warrior Kits to help with PTSD survival and can include equine therapy, self-defense, traditional trauma-informed talk therapy, or many other modalities of healing. Find out more at To follow BilliJoy’s story, find out how you can sponsor survivors, or to purchase cards, books, or swag that benefit survivors’ journeys, visit