There are many things that BilliJoy is working on with teams all across the state and nation. Here are some of the big outlines.


> Adult Coloring & Activity Book for Hate Crime Survivors

BilliJoy is working on a sequel to the Adult Coloring & Activity book for survivors (Rising Up in an Uprising).

    • This sequel is for survivors of hate crimes (specifically in the LGBTQIA+ community)
    • She is partnering with authors and nonprofits to include national resources, organizations, and participants in the writing in order to share a greater network for survivors of hate crimes

> Anthology of Survivors, Advocates, & Allies

Through her role as President of Kick at Darkness, BilliJoy is coordinating with a publishing and collaboration team to create an anthology of Arizona voices and stories.

    • STORIES:
      • From survivors, advocates, allies
      • SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners), first responders, detectives
      • Nonprofits, front-line warriors, justice teams…
    • GOALS:
      • To share the need for funding in AZ for sexual assault and the need for a rape crisis center (did you know Arizona doesn’t have a 24/7 rape crisis center?)
      • To share the resources we DO currently have across our state and make the resources understandable by being in short-story form
      • To give a voice to the helpers and healers as well as survivors as we create a greater network and community
    • RESULTS:
      • BilliJoy has arranged with the publisher that every participant will own their own writing (from nonprofits to individual survivors)
      • Every participant can use the book to build, share, and raise funding in their networks, bringing awareness to our state’s need
      • The Amazon & Barnes & Noble sales will go to Kick at Darkness


> Featuring Current Resources in the Valley

Through her role at Kick at Darkness, BilliJoy is working on a video series that shows the trauma-informed resources across our Phoenix Metro, and eventually across the state of Arizona.

    • GOALS to show which organizations are
      • Trauma informed & reliable (according to trauma-informed training)
      • Can be trusted (i.e. verified training, state licensed…)
      • Helping survivors (sexual and domestic violence, sex trafficking, hate crimes, child abuse)
      • In need of the public’s resources (backpacks, notecards, crayons….)
    • HOW we reach these goals is by
      • Showing the behind-the-scenes efforts
      • Touring the organizations in video format
      • Interviewing the teams
      • Taking away some of the scary mystery survivors and allies might have when they don’t know what to expect

> AZ State Health & Safety Dept — Survey Results on Preventing Sexual Assault

Through her role at Kick at Darkness, BilliJoy is working on a video series based on the 2019 survey results from the AZ Health and Safety Dept.

    • GOALS
      • To share the results from our own state (unable to disclose here until approval of state info released; already have approval to do the video series)
      • Interviewing people based on the survey results and finding out the ways our community can grow, change, and transform in order to end sexual assault

> Featuring Tools, Tips, and Important Info on All-Things Survivor Related 

BilliJoy is working on an ongoing video series that gives voices and stories to the warriors on the ground. It will also help people learn about survivors, advocates, social workers, and badass warriors.

  • Here is an example of this type of video made for Kick at Darkness’ impact of Warrior Kits: Advocates


BilliJoy navigates the nonprofit waters at the helm of Kick at Darkness as the president and founder — as well as acting treasurer and acting secretary. Here is a glimpse into the ongoing items you’d be supporting by supporting her:

  • Respond to emails from survivors / organizations reaching out for help 
  • Connect survivors to organizations, help centers, hotlines, or crisis teams 
  • Network with orgs to have programs for survivors (example Tierra Madre Horse and Human Sanctuary or Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Phoenix)
  • Accompany survivors (or arrange volunteers) for cover-up tattoos for trauma-related scars or tattoos
  • Purchase (or pick up donations) for Warrior Kits 
  • Organize volunteers and interns 
  • Put Warrior Kits together 
  • Deliver Warrior Kits to survivors, volunteers, or organizations 
  • Interact with board on votes, survivor needs, requests, and planning
  • Acting Treasurer and Secretary
  • Attending trainings (example: ACESDV advocacy trainings)
  • Speaking at conferences, meetings
  • Training business teams, organizations, and first responders how to interact with survivors 
  • Encouraging survivors and warriors who reach out 
  • Finding advocates or helper orgs for requests that come in from global survivors who can’t find resources
  • Building, updating, and maintaining the website
  • Other daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks that fall within nonprofit structure, maintenance, and work

If you have questions about more details or some of the projects, shoot BilliJoy a message!