What Do Other Badass World Changers Have to Say about BilliJoy?

“BilliJoy is an incredible speaker and advocate for survivors, and has made it her life’s mission to kick at the darkness in this world. She has partnered with survivors early in their healing, providing them with resources and support.

She has educated large corporations and communities about the issues survivors face so they can be equipped to help. She has donated her time, talent, and fundraising efforts to assist survivors at every point in their healing journey. She is a true blessing to this community!”

— La Frontera Empact-SPC’s Trauma Healing Services department

“I am deeply grateful to know and work with BilliJoy. She is a truly gifted advocate and speaker who exemplifies the amazing strength of survivors. Her powerful words regularly resonate in my heart to inspire me on my toughest days in this work. “

— Tasha Menaker; Co-CEO, 
Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence

“BilliJoy is a true warrior on the front lines of the national abuse epidemic in our country.

As a survivor and advocate myself I have personally heard from and been educated by BilliJoy’s knowledge of the abuse and human trafficking crisis within our borders.

She is a true gift to the victim and survivor community. Her work is worth the investment if we ever wish to take control of the corruption harming vulnerable people in our midst.”

Rev. Ashley Easter; Founder, The Courage Conference

“BilliJoy has impacted me deeply with her story, response to life, and fierce commitment to kick at the darkness in our world.

She has made an impression upon me, like a stamp of goodness. She is someone you walk away changed for the better by knowing.

BilliJoy is a catalyst for light, freedom, and transformation. She will not go quietly into the night while others are living in nightmares. She is a champion, a protector, and a guardian angel for those who need it most.”

— Shaleen Kendrick, Professional Friend

“It has been my joy to work with BilliJoy. She is brilliant and filled with a can-do attitude.

Whatever she puts her mind to, will happen and those who walk the path with her are better for it.“

— Victoria Steele, 
Arizona Senator

“BilliJoy has been instrumental in locating donationsand other avenues of funding to ensure our nonprofit’s mission of providing counseling support and advocacy to survivors is spread to the larger community.

With her support, guidance and tenacity our annual Take Back the Night event would not be what it is today. Thank you BilliJoy!”

— Edle Burk, MA LPC; Clinical Coordinator at an Arizona nonprofit

“BilliJoy is not only a survivor of darkness, but a conqueror of darkness—a true badass warrior that is changing the world one step at a time!”

— Amber Cantorna; National Speaker/Author

“BilliJoy’s passion for survivors and their healing is unparalleled. Her drive to offer hope to the wounded is a piercing light in an often dark world.”

— Brandi Powell; Founder, Village of the Valley

“BilliJoy stands alone as one of the strongest and kindest advocates for survivors. Her ability to help you put your past in the past and learn to keep moving forward in life is both a gift and a blessing.

From the moment we first connected in preparation for Take Back the Night Phoenix, I felt a kinship and bonding that told me to hold onto my connection. Her support and friendship have helped me to find the courage to speak out and try to follow in her footsteps.”

Tzipora Katz, PhD