Who Is BilliJoy?

BilliJoy Carson is an advocate, speaker, and warrior for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, sex trafficking, hate crimes, and child abuse.

As a survivor of childhood sex trafficking and a violent sexual assault as an adult, BilliJoy champions for the trauma-informed healing of fellow survivors and awareness campaigns in the community — about the realities of sex trafficking and assault — in order to create allies and build strong networks for survivors, their families, and their support systems.

Healing is not a myth. It isn’t hidden in the clouds and one must first learn to fly to reach it. Real and lasting healing is available to every survivor who is ready to face the pain and charge through it.

BilliJoy is also the President of a nonprofit, Kick at Darkness, that has one goal: no survivor should ever have to pay for their own healing. The nonprofit raises funds to pay for those healing journeys for survivors to get powerful trauma-informed healing without them having to mortgage their lives and souls to do it.

To invite BilliJoy to speak at your business, nonprofit, event, school, or retreat, reach out here. Find her books here (including the Adult Coloring Book for Survivors of Trauma).

A Note from BilliJoy to You, Badass Survivor:

You are not alone in this, and you never have to be again. I am sorry for the agony and struggle you have had in your journey of life. I understand the weight of the darkness. It can feel like your lungs and heart are collapsing within you and your spine is splintering while an impenetrable blackness fills the caverns of your soul, mind, and body with torment.

I also know those vaults of pain do not have to be permanent. Those horrific things done to you, to us, do not have to become our crypts. There is REAL healing. Chains can fall from your heart and triggers can shatter into oblivion (I rolled my eyes when I first heard this too, it’s okay — AND I promise you, it’s a true reality).

The quest for healing is hard. It requires us to be the bravest we have ever been. And you, my friend, have been VERY brave. You are here. Look at you. You survived.

A therapist, a lion of healing and advocacy in my world, told me at the beginning of my trauma-informed healing journey: “The worst is over. You survived. AND if you survived the trauma, you are going to survive healing from it too.”

So are you, my friend. You are going to survive the healing journey too. And you will THEN be able to soar.”